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GCN Circular 7818

GRB 080604: Gemini-North spectroscopy
2008-06-04T20:46:50Z (16 years ago)
Klaas Wiersema at U of Leicester <>
K. Wiersema (U. of Leicester), J. Graham (STScI), N. Tanvir, E. Rol (U. of 
Leicester), A. Levan (U. of Warwick) and A. Fruchter (STScI) report on 
behalf of a larger collaboration:

We observed the optical afterglow of GRB 080604 (GCNC 7800, 7801) with 
Gemini-North, using the GMOS-N instrument. Spectroscopy was performed with 
the R400 grism, using 4 x 450 seconds integration time, starting at
2008 June 04, 08:58 UT.

Several absorption lines of, among others, Fe II (2382,2586,2600), Mg II 
(2796,2803) and Mg I (2026,2852) are found at a redshift of 1.416. The 
discrepancy with respect to the redshift reported in GCN 7805 may be due 
to provisional calibration files used for the HET reduction (Cucchiara 
priv. comm.).

We thank the Gemini staff astronomers for their support in obtaining these 
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