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GCN Circular 787

GRB000830: Optical observations
2000-09-05T21:00:30Z (24 years ago)
Paul Price at RSAA, ANU at CIT <>
P. Price, I. Cotoros, A. Diercks, J. S. Bloom, R. Gal and S. G. Djorgovski
report on behalf of the larger Caltech-NRAO-CARA GRB collaboration:

"We have imaged the error box of GRB000830 (Hurley et al., GCN #779) with
the Palomar 60-inch telescope at Sep 3.25 and Sep 4.28 UT.  Our images
cover the entire error box in two pointings, each of total integration
time 3600s.  There is substantial overlap (approximately 21.26 sq arcmin)
between the two pointings in the central region of the error box. The
magnitude limits (based on Henden, GCN #785) in this central region
are R = 23.6 mags and R = 23.9 mags (3 sigma) for the first and second
epochs respectively.  We do not detect any object with significant
variability between the two epochs."
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