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GCN Circular 7922

Swift Trigger 315630: TLS R-band observation
2008-07-02T13:45:50Z (16 years ago)
Andrea Rossi at TLS Tautenburg <>
Gonsalves, E. (U. Dartmouth, USA), Schulze, S., Rossi,A., Klose,S.,
Stecklum,B. and Ludwig,F. (TLS �Tautenburg)
report on behalf of a larger collaboration:

We observed the BAT �error circle of the Swift trigger 315630 (Pagani et al.,
GCN 7912) with the TLS 1.34m Schmidt telescope under moderate seeing 
conditions (seeing >2 arcsec). We obtained in total 12 x 300 sec images in R 
band starting at 00:16 UT �and finishing at 01:19 UT. We did not find any new 
source in the stacked image down to the 3-sigma limiting magnitude of 22.5 
mag calibrated on USNO-B1 field stars.

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