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GCN Circular 7968

GRB 0800707: optical observations
2008-07-10T23:04:02Z (16 years ago)
Alexei Pozanenko at IKI, Moscow <>
V. Rumyantsev (CrAO),  A. Pozanenko (IKI) report on behalf of larger GRB 
follow-up collaboration:

We observed  the afterglow  (Clemens et al., GCN 7948, Fynbo et al., GCN 
7949) of GRB 080707 (Schady et al., GCN  7947)  in R-band on July 8 between 
(UT) 00:00:26 - 00:49:43  with Zeiss-1000 (Simeiz) telescope of CrAO 

Based on  USNOB1.0 star with ID 1231-0038095  at RA = 02:10:27.08 , Dec. 
+33:06:32.5  (R2 = 17.11)  we estimated brightness of  the afterglow on 
0.6647 days:

T0+       Exposure  R_mag

0.6647 d  16x180 s   21.22 +/- 0.25

Taking into account early photometry  (Fynbo et al., GCN 7949, Clemens et 
al., GCN 7948) one may suggest a plateau or re-brightening phase of the 
afterglow light curve between 0.07 and ~1 days after burst onset..

The combined image can be found at

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