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GCN Circular 7975

GRB 080603B: optical observations in MAO
2008-07-12T08:57:45Z (16 years ago)
Alexei Pozanenko at IKI, Moscow <>
M. Ibrahimov, R. Karimov (MAO), V. Rumyantsev (CrAO),  A. Pozanenko (IKI) 
report on behalf of larger GRB follow-up collaboration:

We observed the afterglow  (Rujopakarn, et al., GCN 7792) of the Swift GRB 
080603B (Mangano et al., GCN 7794)  on June 04 between (UT) 16:12:24 - 
16:34:23  with AZT-22 (Maidanak) telescope of  MAO observatory in R-band. 
The afterglow is well detected in each individual frame.

A photometry of the two combined images is obtained in comparison with 
nearby USNOB-1.0 stars:

T0+     Exposure  R_mag

0.8571 d 2x300 20.49 +/- 0.07
0.8703 d 3x300 20.71 +/- 0.08

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