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GCN Circular 8003

GRB 080723B: Detection and Localization by SuperAGILE
2008-07-23T14:47:13Z (16 years ago)
Marco Feroci at IASF/INAF <>
E. Del Monte, I. Donnarumma, Y. Evangelista, M. Feroci,
E. Costa, I. Lapshov, F. Lazzarotto, L. Pacciani, M. Rapisarda,
P. Soffitta, (INAF/IASF Rome), A. Giuliani, S. Vercellone, A. Chen,
S. Mereghetti, A. Pellizzoni, F. Perotti, F. Fornari, P. 
Caraveo (INAF/IASF Milan), A. Bulgarelli, F. Gianotti,
M. Trifoglio, G. Di Cocco, C. Labanti, F. Fuschino, M. Marisaldi,
M. Galli, (INAF/IASF Bologna), M. Tavani, G. Pucella, F. D'Ammando, V. 
Vittorini, A. Argan, A. Trois (INAF/IASF Rome), G. Barbiellini,
F. Longo (INFN Trieste), P. Picozza, A. Morselli (INFN Roma-2),
M. Prest, E. Vallazza (Universita` dell'Insubria), P. Lipari,
D. Zanello (INFN Roma-1), and  P. Giommi, C. Pittori, B. Preger,
P. Santolamazza, F. Verrecchia (ASDC) and L. Salotti (ASI), 
on behalf of the AGILE Team, report:

"SuperAGILE detected and localized a very bright gamma ray burst
on July 23rd 2008, at 13:22:19 UT. The event was approximately
13 degrees off-axis. The observed duration in the 20-60 keV
energy range is about 110 seconds, with a multi-peaked structure.
The burst position was reconstructed as (RA, Dec) (176.823 deg,
-60.262 deg), which is:

RA(J2000) = 11h 47m 17.42s
Dec(J2000) = -60d 15' 43.7"

with an uncertainty of 3' radius. The given uncertainty accounts
for both the statistical and systematic errors.

The same event was also localized and announced by INTEGRAL/ISGRI 
(BACODINE trigger n. 5311, and Gotz et al., GCN 8002). 
The SuperAGILE position lies at 1.1 arcmin from the one 
reported in the INTEGRAL off-line analysis.

A SuperAGILE light curve of the event will shortly be posted on the AGILE 
Science Data Center website: .

An analysis of the AGILE Gamma Ray Imager (GRID) data is in progress."

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