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GCN Circular 803

Optical candidate for GRB000926
2000-09-28T00:40:30Z (24 years ago)
Javier Gorosabel at LAEFF-INTA, Madrid <>
J. Gorosabel (DSRI, Copenhagen),
J.M. Castro Ceron (ROA, San Fernando),
A.J. Castro-Tirado (IAA-CSIC, Granada),
J. Greiner (AIP, Potsdam),
C. Wolf (MPIA, Heidelberg),
N. Lund (DSRI, Copenhagen)

report on behalf of a larger European collaboration:

Starting at 27.859UT  SEP 2000 we obtained  R- ,V-, I- and B-band images
of the IPN error box for GRB 000926 (Hurley et al., GCN #801) with the
2.2m. telescope  at the Calar Alto Observatory.  A comparison with the
Digital  Sky Survey-2 revealed  a new bright point-like source located

    RA(J2000)=   17h 04m 09.70s
    DEC(J2000)= +51o 47' 10.2"

Our uncertainty is 2". These object's coordinates  agree with the ones
reported independently by Dall  et al. It is  clearly detected in the
R-, V-, and I-bands. We derive a preliminary magnitude of 19.5 +/- 0.3
based on a zero point calculated with USNO-2.0 stars in the field. 

Further multicolour imaging is in progress.

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[GCN OPS NOTE 28Sep00: The last two authors were added to the list
at the first author's request.]
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