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GCN Circular 8083

GRB 080810: Keck/HIRES Spectroscopy
2008-08-10T17:51:26Z (16 years ago)
Jason Prochaska at UCO/Lick Obs <>
J.X. Prochaska (UCSC), D. Perley (UCB),
A. Howard (UCB), H.-W. Chen (Chicago),
G. Marcy (UCB), D. Fischer (SFSU), and
C. Wilburn (Keck) report on behalf of GRAASP:

"We observed the afterglow of GRB 080810 with the Keck/HIRES
echelle spectrometer for a series of 1000s exposures starting
at UT 13:47:50 under good conditions.  A quick analysis of the
2D images reveals a Lyman limit system at ~3975Ang.
We tentatively associate this feature with the host galaxy
of GRB 080810 and estimate a redshift z_GRB = 3.35.

Further analysis is in progress."

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