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GCN Circular 81

1998-05-20T17:01:26Z (26 years ago)
Kevin Hurley at UCBerkeley/SSL <>
The position of this burst has been obtained by triangulation using
Ulysses and BATSE preliminary data.  It is described by an annulus
centered at RA(2000)=329.485, Dec(2000)=-11.873, whose radius is
89.981 degrees, and whose total width is 4.9 arcminutes.  This
annulus intersects the refined SAX WFC error circle (BeppoSAX GRB
Mail No. 98/16) and is consistent with the position of the optical transient
reported by J. Hjorth (GCN 78).  A figure may be found at  Processing with the final
data is expected to improve this position.

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