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GCN Circular 8125

SGR 0501+4516: WSRT Radio Observations
2008-08-23T17:55:23Z (16 years ago)
Alexander van der Horst at NASA/MSFC <>
A.J. van der Horst (NASA/ORAU) and C. Kouveliotou (NASA/MSFC) report
on behalf of a large collaboration:

"We observed the position of the new SGR 0501+4516 (GCN 8112, 8113)
at 4.8 GHz with the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope at August 23
03.66 UT to 09.49 UT.
We do not detect a radio source at the Swift XRT position (GCN 8112).
The three-sigma rms noise in the map around that position is 99 microJy
per beam. The formal flux measurement for a point source at that location
is 13 +/- 33 microJy.

We would like to thank the WSRT staff for promptly scheduling and
obtaining these observations."
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