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GCN Circular 8154

Radio Detection of SGR 0501+4516: Retraction
2008-08-28T14:02:44Z (16 years ago)
Dale A. Frail at NRAO <>
D. A. Frail and S. R. Kulkarni report:

We have re-analyzed the VLA data taken at the VLA on 2008 August 24
and 25. We were unable to confirm the detection reported early by
Kulkarni & Frail (GCN 8130). The radio source seen in the second epoch
appears to be spurious, an artifact of the observing method, missed in
the initial data reduction.

Combining all data from August 24 and 25, the final limits on the flux
density at the position of the SGR are:

    43 +/- 400 uJy  (1.43 GHz)
   -12 +/- 23  uJy  (8.46 GHz)
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