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GCN Circular 8229

SGR 0501+4516 : P200 i-band observations
2008-09-15T06:16:56Z (16 years ago)
Eran Ofek at Tel Aviv U. <>
E. O. Ofek (Caltech), M. Kiewe and I. Arcavi (Weizmann Institute)
report on behalf of a larger collaboration:

On 2008 Sep 02.509 we obtained 7x120s i-band images of the region of SGR
0501+4516 with the Large Format Camera, mounted on the Hale 5m telescope.
At the position of the near-IR/visible light counterpart of SGR 0501+4516
(Rea et al. GCN 8159; Fatkhullin et al. GCN 8160; de Ugarte Postigo et al.
GCN 8162; Rol et al. GCN 8164) we marginally detected a source.
Using a POSS-II I-band magnitude of a nearby star to calibrate
the image, we find that this source has i(AB)=23.5+/-0.4 mag.
This measurement is consistent with the one reported by
Fatkhullin et al. (GCN 8160), who detected an I=23.3+/-0.4 source
at this position, on 2008 Aug 25.
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