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GCN Circular 8463

GRB 081102: OPTIMA-Burst optical upper limit
2008-11-02T21:32:24Z (16 years ago)
Alexander Stefanescu at MPE <>
A. Stefanescu, N. Primak, F. Schrey, G. Kanbach, A. Slowikowska, H.
Steinle, A. Updike and N. Lewandowski of the OPTIMA-Burst Team report
the following:

OPTIMA-Burst at the 1.3m Skinakas Observatory, of the University of
Crete and the Foundation for Research and Technolgy -- Hellas observed
the location of the XRT error-circle of GRB 081102 (GCN Circ 8462, T. N.
Ukwatta et al.), starting at 2008-11-02 18:02:23 UT (~18 min after the

We did not detect any source inside the XRT error-circle in several
co-added short (10-50s) white-light target acquisition frames taken
under adverse conditions.

Our limit is as follows:

t-t_0 (mid-exp)       t_exp     limit (white light)
1276s                 210s      18.5

Observations are ongoing.
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