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GCN Circular 8575

GRB081128 : Lulin optical follow-ups
2008-11-29T02:33:48Z (15 years ago)
Yuji Urata at Saitama U <>
C.S Lin (NCU), Y. Urata (Saitama U/ASIAA) and K.Y Huang (ASIAA)
on behalf of EAFON report:

"We observed the error region of GRB081128 (Margutti et al. GCN8571)
using the Lulin 1m telescope from 10.9 min after the burst. The R-band
images show possible optical afterglow as reported by Wang et al (GCN
8572) at RA=01:23:13.070 Dec=+38:07:38.77 with R=20.4 magnitude.
However, the source shows no variability during our observations (10.9
-- 33.3 min after the burst).

 Time (min)  Rmag, error
 10.9        20.4  0.1
 33.3        20.4  0.1

There is no other optical sources in the XRT error region 
down to the R~21.4."
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