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GCN Circular 8602

GRB 081203B: Naming correction for burst detected in Swift-BAT slew data
2008-12-03T21:38:46Z (16 years ago)
Antonio Copete at Harvard U <>
A. Copete, J. Grindlay (Harvard)
S. Barthelmy, C. Markwardt, N. Gehrels, J. Cummings (NASA/GSFC), D.  
Palmer (LANL)

We hereby correct the naming of the burst first reported by Copete et  
al (GCN 8600), which is unrelated to GRB 081203A (GCNs 8595, 8596,  
8598, 8599 and 8601). Following the standard naming convention for  
same-day bursts to take into account the order of announcement, this  
burst must rather be named GRB 081203B. This name should be used in  
all follow-up circulars referring to this burst.
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