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GCN Circular 869

XMM-Newton observation of GRB001025
2000-10-31T14:41:55Z (24 years ago)
Norbert Schartel at XMM-Newton/ESA <>
B. Altieri, N. Schartel, M. Santos, L. Tomas, M. Guainazzi (XMM-Newton
), L. Piro (IAS/CNR), A. Parmar (SSD/ESA) report:

XMM-Newton observed the location of GRB001025 (Hurley et al. GCN 864)
from Oct.27.003 to Oct.27.46 UT, i.e. 1.9 days after the burst.
Preliminary analysis of the EPIC-pn and EPIC-MOS images show the
presence of at least 4 sources in the error box.  The brighter source
(S1) has a flux of about 1-2 10**-13 erg/cm2/s in the 0.5-10 keV
range. We cannot exclude a decay by about 40% over the whole
observation, that would be expected from a decay power law with a
slope of -1.5, the average value observed in X-ray afterglows.  The
remaining sources (S2, S3 & S4) are too faint to constrain the

The following coordinates have been derived with a preliminary attitude
ruction (equinox 2000):

S1  R.A.= 8h36m38.7s  Decl.= -13 06' 00"
S2  R.A.= 8h36m30.1s  Decl.= -13 05' 31"
S3  R.A.= 8h36m30.5s  Decl.= -13 03' 48"
S4  R.A.= 8h36m48.6s  Decl.= -13 05' 47"

At this stage of reduction the error is expected to be less than 20".
Refined coordinates will be distributed as soon as the final attitude
reconstruction is obtained.
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