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GCN Circular 8788

GRB 090107B optical observations
2009-01-07T17:53:05Z (15 years ago)
Arne A. Henden at AAVSO <>
Arto Oksanen (Hankasalmi Obs., Hankasalmi, Finland) reports via the
AAVSO High Energy Network the following optical observations of the
INTEGRAL burst GRB 090107B (Gotz et al., GCN Circular #8786):

Unfiltered observations were made using a 0.4-meter RC telescope
with an SBIG STL-1001E CCD.  The full INTEGRAL error box was
observed unfiltered starting at 16:35UT, 15 minutes after the
burst.  Combining ten 60-second exposures, we do not see any
optical afterglow to a limiting magnitude of 20.5 (compared
with the DSS2 red plate).

A FITS image of this observation is available at the following URL:

The AAVSO thanks the Curry Foundation for their continued support of the
AAVSO International High Energy Network.
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