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GCN Circular 881

GRB001109, R-band optical observations
2000-11-10T06:38:23Z (24 years ago)
Krzysztof Z. Stanek at CfA <>
K. Z. Stanek (CfA), P. Garnavich (Notre Dame), K. L. Luhman and
B. A. McLeod (CfA) report:

We imaged the WFC error box (GCN 879) of GRB001109 with the FLWO 1.2m
telescope and R-band filter starting on 2000 Nov. 10.087 (UT).  We
obtained 2x600-sec R-band exposures. Near the position of the radio
source reported by Taylor et al. (GCN 880) we detect faint optical
source, R~21.0, located at RA=18:30:06.63, DEC=55:18:34.95 (2000.0).
The magnitude estimate for this source was obtained by comparing to
USNO star ``A'' at RA=18:30:06.38, DEC=55:19:05.8 (2000.0),
R=19.0. This faint optical source near the position of the radio
source is also marginally visible at the POSS-II red plate, and thus
most likely is not an optical counterpart to GRB001109. Within the WFC
error box we do not see any ``new'' sources brighter than R~20.5.

Our composite 1200-sec R-band image is available at, along with the
POSS-II finding chart with positions of the sources marked.

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