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GCN Circular 8857

AXP 1E1547.0-5408: RHESSI observations up to 400 keV
2009-01-28T01:40:47Z (15 years ago)
Eric Bellm at UCB/SSL <>
E. Bellm, D. M. Smith, and K. Hurley on behalf of the RHESSI team report:

On January 22, 2009, RHESSI observed repeated outbursts from AXP
1E1547.0-5408 (Gronwall et al., GCN 8833).  After a single ~2 second burst
at 03:50:38 UT, a series of bursts was recorded from 05:14:03--05:26:51
UT. A second series was observed from 06:43:48--06:55:57 UT. The periods
without observed emission are attributable to SAA passages and Earth

The brightest burst was observed at 06:48:05 UT. This burst showed an
initial spike with a peak count rate of 2.6E5 counts/s over a 10 ms
interval and emission to 400 keV.  The spike was followed by the pulsing
tail (~2 s period) reported by Mereghetti et al. (GCN 8841) using INTEGRAL
SPI-ACS.  A previous burst at 06:45:13.54 UT may have been brighter, as
its peak showed evidence of saturation.  A one minute complex of bursts
beginning at 05:17:40 UT showed emission to 250 keV.

RHESSI observed a fast spike from the SGR at 05:18:32.45 UT.  This event
had an initial peak with a background-to-peak rise time of 12 ms and FWHM
of 16 ms.  A shoulder after the initial peak extended the total duration
(T90) to 70 ms.  This spike was also observed by INTEGRAL SPI-ACS.  A
lightcurve for this burst is available at

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