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GCN Circular 8883

GRB 080319B: IceCube upper limit on high-energy neutrino flux
2009-02-05T17:41:59Z (15 years ago)
Alexander Kappes at UW-Madison/IceCube <>
Alexander Kappes for the IceCube collaboration ( 
) reports:

IceCube is a 1 km^3 neutrino telescope located at the geographic South  
Pole sensitive to neutrinos above ~100 GeV. We used the data from  
IceCube in its 9-string configuration to search for high-energy muon  
neutrinos from the position of GRB 080319B (Racusin et al., GCN 7427)  
using an unbinned likelihood method. The search was performed in a  
narrow time window of 66 s (T_0 - 3.8s to T_0 + 62.2s) corresponding  
to the observed prompt gamma-ray emission, and in a wider window of  
about 5 minutes (T_0 - 173s to T_0 + 130 s).

We do not find any indications for a deviation from the background- 
only hypothesis in either of the two time windows. Therefore, we use  
the null result from the prompt window to place an upper limit (90%  
C.L.) on the prompt muon neutrino flux from GRB 080319B of 9.0e-3 erg  
cm^-2 in the energy range between 145 TeV and 2.1 PeV.

A corresponding paper has been submitted to ApJ. The preprint version  
can be found at arXiv:0902.0131.
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