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GCN Circular 9247

GRB 090424 : Lulin 1m telescope optical observations
2009-04-25T06:06:14Z (15 years ago)
Yuji Urata at Nat. Central U. <>
Y. Urata(NCU), K. Y. Huang (ASIAA) 
on behalf of EAFON report;

"We have observed optical afterglow of GRB090424 (Cannizzo et al., GCN
#9223, Yuan et al. GCN #9224; Xin et al. GCN #9225; Schady et
al. #9234; Gorosabel et al. GCN #9236; Urata et al. GCN #9240,
Olivares et al GCN #9245; Nissinen et al. GCN #9246) using Lulin 1m
telescope (LOT) with B, V, R, I and z'-band filters.  Observations
started at 14:34:18 UT on 24 April.  These LOT images show the
afterglow clearly. Based on our preliminary photometry compared with
USNO B1.0 stars, the R-band light curve between 1329 sec and 13303 sec
after the burst is well fitted by a simple power law with the decay
index 0.71."
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