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GCN Circular 9255

GRB 090426: TNT confimation of optical counterpart
2009-04-26T13:32:17Z (15 years ago)
W.K. Zheng at NAOC <>
L.P. Xin, W.K. Zheng, Y.L. Qiu, J.Y. Wei,
j. Wang, J.S. Deng, Y. Urata and J.Y. Hu 
on behalf of EAFON report:

TNT quickly responsed to the GRB 090426 (Swift trigger 350479;
Cummings et al. GCN 9254) in automatical mode, the first
images was taken start 12:50:03 (UT), 76s after the burst.
We detect a fading source at the position consistent with the
UVOT coordinate (Cummings et al. GCN 9254) thus confirmed the
OT of burst GRB 090426. The brightness in white band
is ~16.4 at 76s after the burst calibrated with USNO A-2.0 R band.
Observation is still under going.
Spectral observation is encouraged.

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[GCN OPS NOTE(26apr09): Per author's request, the word "short" was removed
removed from the second sentence.]
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