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GCN Circular 9440

GRB 090530: PAIRITEL NIR Detections
2009-05-30T04:30:03Z (15 years ago)
Adam Morgan at U.C. Berkeley <>
A. N. Morgan, D. A. Perley,  J. S. Bloom,  (UC Berkeley),  and D.
Starr (UCB, LCOGT) report:

We observed the field of GRB 090530 (Cannizzo et al., GCN 9438) with
the 1.3-m PAIRITEL located at Mt Hopkins, Arizona.  Observations began
at 2009-05-30 03:19:30 UT, 72 seconds after the Swift Trigger.  We
detect the optical afterglow (Cannizzo et al., GCN 9438, Flewelling et
al., GCN 9439) in mosaics taken simultaneously in the J, H, and Ks

The preliminary photometry yields:

t_mid (min) exp(s)  filt  mag   merr
8.33        424     J     16.4  0.1
8.33        424     H     15.4  0.1
8.33        424     Ks    15.0  0.1

All magnitudes given in the Vega system, calibrated to 2MASS.  No
correction for Galactic extinction has been made to the above reported
values.  Observations are ongoing.

[GCN OPS NOTE(30may09); The typo in the Subject line was changed
from "090515" to "090530".]
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