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GCN Circular 9441

GRB 090530: GRAS002 optical observations
2009-05-30T09:13:47Z (15 years ago)
Veli-Pekka Hentunen at Taurus Hill Obs,A95 <>
Markku Nissinen (Taurus Hill Observatory) and Veli-Pekka Hentunen (Taurus
Hill Observatory) report:

We used Global-rent-a-scope GRAS002 Tak Mewlon 0.30m telescope with SBIG ST-8E
CCD at RAS Observatory Mayhill H06 (New Mexico, USA) for follow-up observations
of GRB090530 (J.K. Cannizzo et al., GCN 9438). The observations were started 
on May 30, at 05:30 UTC (2.2 hours after the burst) and stopped on May 30, 
at 06:16 UTC. Four unfiltered 600 seconds images were taken. We detected 
very faint optical afterglow object at the position of RA 11h 57m 39s.8 and 
Dec +26o 35' 47" (J2000) with possitional uncertainty of 10" with respect to
POSSII F/USNO-B1.0. This is in correlation with ROTSE-III optical counterpart
position (H. Flewelling et al., GCN 9439). Upper limit for the observations 
is >20.2 mag (3UL). Quoted upper limit has been derived using POSSII F and 
USNO-B1.0 field stars as reference.

Filter     Tmid(s)      Exp(s)     Mag (CR) USNO-B1.0
u         05:55:15      4x600      19.7

A jpeg preview of the observation showing the position of the afterglow is
at this URL:
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