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GCN Circular 9632

GRB 090709 : planned Suzaku-ToO observation
2009-07-09T13:01:58Z (15 years ago)
Kazutaka Yamaoka at Aoyama Gakuin U <>
Kazuhisa Mitsuda on behalf of the Suzaku GRB-ToO team:

We will carry out a Suzaku-ToO observation of GRB 090709 
(Morris et al., GCN 9625) at location (RA=289.9291, DEC=+60.7271, 
J2000) with the narrow field instruments (the XIS and HXD).
It will start 13:00 UT on July 9, 2009, and
 will continue until 21:32 UT on July 10, 2009.
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