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GCN Circular 964

GRB010214B,Gamma Ray Observations
2001-02-22T14:01:49Z (23 years ago)
Srikanta Sinha at ISRO/ISAC <>
S.Sinha,P.Sreekumar,K.Kasturirangan, on behalf of SROSS C-2 (INDIAN
GRB EXPERIMENT)team report:
        SROSS C-2 observed this burst at 49981.001 UT (this time is 
not corrected for small systematic errors). As observed by SROSS C-2
,it had a duration (T90) of 14.92 +-0.06 secs. Its fluence in the
20-100 keV band is equal to 5.39.10-6 +-1.53.10-7 ergs cm-2 and in
the 100-1024 keV band is equal to 1.74.10-5 +-1.23.10-6 ergs cm-2
respectively. These fluences are not corrected for the sec(theta)
factor since its direction is unknown to us. The peak flux(256 ms)
in the 20-100 keV band is 9.66 photons cm-2 sec-1 and the peak flux
(256 ms) in the 100-1024 keV band is equal to 12.20 photons cm-2 sec-1.
The hardness ratio for this burst (when the signal peaks in the 100-1024
keV channel) is equal to 0.69+- 0.13. Our hardness ratio is defined as
[counts(100-1024 keV)/counts(20-100 keV)].
        This message is citable.
-Srikanta Sinha, on behalf of the SROSS C-2 (INDIAN GRB EXPT.TEAM) at
the Technical Physics Division, ISRO Satellite Center, Bangalore-560 017,
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