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GCN Circular 978

GRB010214 follow-up from Hanle
2001-02-23T11:34:00Z (23 years ago)
SG Bhargavi at Indian Inst of Astrophysics <>
On behalf of the GRB follow-up team at Indian Institute
of Astrophysics, Bangalore India , Ramanath Cowsik reports:
The field of GRB 010214 centered at BeppoSAX WFC error circle (GCN-933)
was imaged using the new 2.01m telescope at Indian Astronomical Observatory
(IAO), Mt. Saraswati, Hanle, India.
Two exposures of 600s each in B and R band were taken on 15th and 16th Feb,
2001. No flaring or fading sources have been detected w.r.t DSS2 image
down to the limit R > 22.0; we do see many objects below DSS limit, but
these have not varied >0.1 m between 2 epochs of our observations.
The J-band source reported by Di poala et al.(GCN-939) is detected
at R=22.2 +/- 0.22 on Feb 15.99 UT and is found to be constant in
brightness within the photometric error and
consistent with the measurements of Gorosabel et al(GCN-949)
It is at B >23.0 in the combined image of 1200 s on Feb 16.99 UT.
The photomertic calibration is done with respect to 12 of USNO-A2.0 stars
in this field.
The optical candidate reported by Jhu et al. (GCN-938) is not detected
in our images. The afterglow candidates reported by Rol et al. (GCN-955)
are not detected in our images , as they are below our detection limit.
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