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GCN Circular 982

GRB 010222 BV optical observations
2001-02-23T22:13:54Z (23 years ago)
Corrado Bartolini at Universita di Bologna <>
C. Bartolini,  A. Guarnieri, A. Piccioni (Dip. Astronomia, Univ. of Bologna), 
S. Bernabei (Astron. Obs., Bologna) and G. Pupillo (ISAO, CNR, Bologna) 

"We have imaged the proposed optical counterpart (GCN #961) of GRB010222
(GCN #959, 960) on February 23 in the B and V bands with the 152 cm
Loiano telescope (plus EEV CCD) of the Observatory of Bologna. 

The seeing was 4 arcseconds.  The preliminary magnitudes are given with respect
to the comparison star "A"  (GCN 963) = USNO 1275-08542334. 

 mean UT       Filter   exptime          delta_mag

 23.174          B       2400          2.04 +/- 0.07
 23.199          V       1800          2.69 +/- 0.09

Thus assuming for the star "A"  B=17.60, then the OT had B = 19.64 +/- 0.07".
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