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GCN Circulars

GCN Circulars are rapid astronomical bulletins submitted by and distributed to community members worldwide. They are used to share discoveries, observations, quantitative near-term predictions, requests for follow-up observations, or future observing plans related to high-energy, multi-messenger, and variable or transient astrophysical events. See the documentation for help with subscribing to or submitting Circulars.

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  1. GRB030501: TAROT candidate afterglow present in archival images
  2. GRB 030501: TAROT possible candidate counterpart
  3. IPN triangulation of GRB030501 (IBIS event; annulus)
  4. IPN triangulation of GRB030501B (annulus)
  5. GRB 030429: confirmation of afterglow candidate
  6. GRB030429, possible optical counterpart
  7. GRB030501 localized by INTEGRAL
  8. GRB030425: CrAO optical observation
  9. IPN triangulation of GRB030429 (annulus)
  10. IPN triangulation of GRB030428 (two large error boxes)
  11. GRB 030329 Oprical observations in Rozhen observatory
  12. GRB 030429: ROTSE-III observations
  13. GRB 030324: Radio Observations
  14. GRB030329 observed as a sudden ionospheric disturbance (SID)
  15. IPN triangulation of GRB030426 (annulus)
  17. IPN triangulation of GRB030425 (single error box)
  18. GRB030329, SPM optical observations (Correction)
  19. GRB030329, SPM optical observations
  20. GRB 030329, the review of the sky area in plate archive (1950-1998)
  21. GRB 030329: Spectral Evolution of SN 2003dh
  22. Optical Observations of GRB 030418 with Magellan
  23. GRB 030329: optical spectropolarimetry at VLT
  24. IPN triangulation of GRB030422C (annulus)
  25. IPN triangulation of GRB030422B (annulus)
  26. GRB 030329: wide-field photograph by R. Tamura 1 hr after the burst
  27. GRB030329: optical polarization
  28. IPN triangulation of GRB030422 (two large error boxes)
  29. GRB 030329 3.5 and 6 cm radio observations at RTF-32 telescope
  30. GRB030329, optical observation
  31. IPN triangulation of GRB030421 (annulus)
  32. MASTER:optical observations GRB030418
  33. MASTER:optical observations probable GRB030414
  34. GRB030329: 444 AAVSO Measurements
  35. IPN triangulation of GRB030419 (annulus)
  36. MASTER:optical observations GRB030416
  37. ROTSE-III prompt optical detections of GRB 030418
  38. GRB030418: Upper limits from recent and historical observations.
  39. GRB030418: Kiso near infrared observations
  40. GRB 030418: Optical afterglow
  41. GRB 030418: Finder for afterglow candidate
  42. GRB 030418: Optical afterglow candidate
  43. GRB 030329 OT position
  44. GRB030329: Optical Observations
  45. OT GRB 030329: early UBVRcIc spectral evolution
  46. GRB030329, UBVRI polarimetry, R-polarization
  47. GRB 030329: SARA Optical Observations
  48. OT GRB 030329: early spectrum
  49. GRB030329: VR Photometry at TNG
  50. GRB030324: Candidate Optical Afterglow (Erratum)
  51. GRB030324: Candidate Optical Afterglow
  52. IPN triangulation of GRB030414 (small error box)
  53. GRB 030413: Optical Observations
  54. GRB 030329 Rc observations
  55. IPN triangulation of GRB030413 (small error box)
  56. IPN triangulation of GRB030410 (annulus)
  57. Superluminal motion in GRB 030329 (Correction)
  58. Superluminal motion in GRB 030329
  59. GRB 030329 and SN 2003dh
  60. GRB030329, optical position
  61. GRB 030329 VLBA Observations
  63. IPN triangulation of GRB030406 (small error box)
  64. IPN triangulation of GRB050403 (small error box)
  65. IPN triangulation of GRB030403 (annulus)
  66. GRB 030329: BVRI photometry at Asiago
  67. GRB 030329, light curve flattens
  68. GRB 030329: VLT V-band photometry
  69. If the SN/GRB connection confirmed
  70. GRB 030329: Supernova Confirmed
  71. GRB030329: RTT150 optical observations
  72. GRB030329: Near Infrared Observations at Gunma
  73. GRB030329: HET spectroscopic monitoring
  74. Kiso observation of the GRB030329 at April 6
  75. GRB 030329, color evolution
  76. GRB030328, UBVRcIc field photometry
  77. GRB030329: Optical observcations
  78. GRB030329: BV photographic observations
  79. GRB 030329 Optical observations
  80. GRB 030329, color evolution
  81. GRB 030329: possible color change
  82. GRB030329: RTT150 optical observations
  83. GRB 030329: Supernova Spectrum Emerging
  84. GRB030329: Kiso B and R band observations
  85. GRB030329: RTT150 optical observation
  86. GRB030329: More AAVSO VR obs
  87. GRB030328: R upper limit after 6 hours by MASTER
  88. GRB 030329: BV photographic observations
  89. GRB 030329: SARA Optical Observations
  90. GRB 030329: SARA Optical Observations
  91. GRB030329, fading resumes
  92. GRB 030329, BVRI photometry
  93. GRB030329: Optical observations
  94. SDSS 0.5m PT observations of GRB030329 (correction)
  95. SDSS 0.5m PT observations of GRB030329
  96. GRB 030329, Optical observations
  97. GRB 030329, nearby galaxies
  98. GRB030329, cessation of fading
  99. GRB030329: final R-band light curve by MASTER
  100. GRB030329 - more 15 GHz radio data


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