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GCN Circulars

GCN Circulars are rapid astronomical bulletins submitted by and distributed to community members worldwide. They are used to share discoveries, observations, quantitative near-term predictions, requests for follow-up observations, or future observing plans related to high-energy, multi-messenger, and variable or transient astrophysical events. See the documentation for help with subscribing to or submitting Circulars.

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  1. GRB 240411B: 1.3m DFOT Optical observations
  2. GRB 240411A: GRBAlpha detection
  3. GRB 240411B: OHP/T193 optical observations
  4. GRB 240405A: Glowbug gamma-ray detection
  5. GRB 240411B: Enhanced Swift-XRT position
  6. GRB 240411B: LCO optical afterglow detection
  7. GRB 240411B: Swift detection of a burst
  8. GRB 240408B: GRBAlpha detection
  9. GRB 240411A: Fermi GBM Final Real-time Localization
  10. EP240408A: MASTER optical observations
  11. EP240410a: GROND detection of a candidate counterpart
  12. EP240408a: Upper limits from GECAM-B Observation
  13. EP240408a: Swift follow-up observation
  14. EP240408a: BOOTES-6/DPRT optical upper limit
  15. X-ray transient EP240315a: second epoch e-MERLIN radio observations
  16. GRB 240405A: GRBAlpha detection
  17. EP240408a: EP-WXT detection of a fast X-ray transient
  18. Swift Trigger 1220736: detection of 4U 1543-62.
  19. GRB 240408B: AstroSat CZTI detection
  20. IceCube-240327B: GRANDMA/Kilonova-Catcher observations of 4FGL J0555.9+0030 and optical upper limits
  21. Fermi GRB 240408A: Global MASTER-Net observations report
  22. GRB 240408A: Fermi GBM Final Real-time Localization
  23. GRB 240407A: BALROG localization (Fermi Trigger 734144396 / GRB 240407042)
  24. GRB 240402C: CALET Gamma-Ray Burst Monitor detection
  25. Fermi GRB 240407A: Global MASTER-Net observations report
  26. GRB 240407A: Fermi GBM Final Real-time Localization
  27. Fermi-LAT gamma-ray observations of IceCube-240327B
  28. Fermi-LAT gamma-ray observations of IceCube-240327A
  29. LXT 240402A/GRB 240402B: rest-frame energetics from Konus-Wind observation
  30. Fermi GRB 240405B: Global MASTER-Net observations report
  31. GRB 240405B: Fermi GBM Final Real-time Localization
  32. GRB 240402C: Glowbug gamma-ray detection
  33. GRB 240405A: Fermi GBM Final Real-time Localization
  34. GRB 240402C: GRBAlpha detection
  35. GRB 240331A: GRBAlpha detection
  36. LXT 240402A/GRB 240402B: GECAM-C refined analysis
  37. Swift satellite resumes pointed science observations
  38. GRB 240403B: Glowbug gamma-ray detection
  39. GRB 240403A: Glowbug gamma-ray detection
  40. LXT 240402A/GRB 240402B: Glowbug gamma-ray detection
  41. X-ray transient LXT 240402A: WFST optical upper limits​
  42. Konus-Wind detection of LXT 240402A/GRB 240402B
  43. GRB/FXT 240402B: Kinder optical counterpart candidate
  44. IceCube-240327B: GRANDMA observations of 4FGL J0555.9+0030
  45. GRB/FXT 240402B: VLT/FORS2 optical afterglow candidate
  46. GRB 240403A: Fermi GBM Detection
  47. X-ray transient LXT240402A: AST3-3 optical upper limits
  48. LXT 240402A: EP-FXT detection of the X-ray afterglow
  49. Fermi GRB 240404A: Global MASTER-Net observations report
  50. GRB 240404A: Fermi GBM Final Real-time Localization
  51. LXT 240402A: MASTER optical observations with AGN in error-box
  52. GRB 240402B: GWAC-F50A optical upper limit
  53. GRB 240402B: GECAM-C detection
  54. X-ray transient LXT 240402A: LEIA detection
  55. GRB 240403A: BALROG localization (Fermi Trigger 733838255 / GRB 240403498)
  56. Fermi trigger No 733808041: Global MASTER-Net observations report
  57. Fermi GRB 240402A: Global MASTER-Net observations report
  58. GRB 240402A: Fermi GBM Final Real-time Localization
  59. X-ray transient EP240331a: Kinder optical upper limits
  60. X-ray transient EP240331A: GRANDMA-Kilonova catcher optical upper limit
  61. EP240331A: MASTER optical observations
  62. Transient EP240315a: J-band observations of AT2024eju with WIRC
  63. X-ray transient EP20240331a: MeerLICHT optical upper limits
  64. IBAS Alert n.10651 not a GRB
  65. IceCube-240327B: Upper limits from a search for additional neutrino events in IceCube
  66. IceCube-240327A: Upper limits from a search for additional neutrino events in IceCube
  67. Integral GRB240401.69: Global MASTER-Net observations report
  68. GRB 240329A: Glowbug gamma-ray detection
  69. GRB 240324A: AstroSat CZTI detection of a short burst
  70. GRB 240331A: AstroSat CZTI detection
  71. GRB 240329A: AstroSat CZTI detection
  72. GRB 240331A: Fermi GBM Final Real-time Localization
  73. GRB 240329A: GRBAlpha detection
  74. Fermi trigger No 733366352: Global MASTER-Net observations report
  75. Fermi GRB 240329A: Global MASTER-Net observations report
  76. GRB 240329A: BALROG localization (Fermi Trigger 733441392 / GRB 240329905)
  77. GRB 240329A: Fermi GBM Final Real-time Localization
  78. Fermi GRB 240328B: Global MASTER-Net observations report
  79. Fermi GRB 240328A: Global MASTER-Net observations report
  80. X-ray transient EP240315a: continued ATCA monitoring
  81. IceCube-240327B: No candidates from the Zwicky Transient Facility
  82. GRB 240328C: Glowbug gamma-ray detection
  83. GRB 240328B: Fermi GBM Final Real-time Localization
  84. GRB 240328A: Fermi GBM Final Real-time Localization
  85. IceCube Alert 240327.68: Global MASTER-Net observations report
  86. IceCube-240327B - IceCube observation of a high-energy neutrino candidate track-like event
  87. IceCube-240327A - IceCube observation of a high-energy neutrino candidate track-like event
  88. X-ray transient EP 240315a: Second epoch Chandra observations
  89. Fermi trigger No 733097506: Global MASTER-Net observations report
  90. X-ray transient EP240315a: e-MERLIN radio observations
  91. X-ray transient EP240315a: Ondrejov D50 optical limit
  92. Transient EPW20240219aa: REM optical/NIR further observations
  93. Fermi trigger No 733092476: Global MASTER-Net observations report
  94. GRB 240320A: Glowbug gamma-ray detection
  95. Fermi trigger No 732937833: Global MASTER-Net observations report
  96. GRB 240318A: Fermi GBM Observation
  97. Fermi GRB 240320A: Global MASTER-Net observations report
  98. Konus-Wind detection of GRB 240315C (possible counterpart of EP240315a)
  99. GRB 240315C / X-ray transient EP240315a: Swift/BAT detection
  100. Fermi trigger No 732657380: Global MASTER-Net observations report


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