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GCN Circulars

GCN Circulars are rapid astronomical bulletins submitted by and distributed to community members worldwide. They are used to share discoveries, observations, quantitative near-term predictions, requests for follow-up observations, or future observing plans related to high-energy, multi-messenger, and variable or transient astrophysical events. See the documentation for help with subscribing to or submitting Circulars.

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14 results found.

  1. XMM-Newton observation of the short GRB 111020A
  2. GRB 111020A: Chandra Observation
  3. GRB 111020A Spectral lag analysis
  4. GRB 111020A: Gemini-South additional observations and limit on an optical afterglow
  5. GRB 111020A: EVLA observations
  6. GRB 111020A: Swift-XRT refined Analysis
  7. GRB 111020A: Gemini-South i-band observations
  8. GRB 111020A: Swift/UVOT Upper Limits
  9. GRB 111020A: Faulkes Telescope South observations
  10. GRB 111020A: Swift-BAT refined analysis
  11. GRB 111020A: Enhanced Swift-XRT position
  12. GRB 111020A: BOOTES-3 Optical Upper Limit.
  13. GRB 111020A: Planned XMM-Newton observation
  14. GRB 111020A: Swift detection of a short burst


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