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GCN Circulars

GCN Circulars are rapid astronomical bulletins submitted by and distributed to community members worldwide. They are used to share discoveries, observations, quantitative near-term predictions, requests for follow-up observations, or future observing plans related to high-energy, multi-messenger, and variable or transient astrophysical events. See the documentation for help with subscribing to or submitting Circulars.

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66 results found.

  1. GRB 230812B: Update on Bad Time Intervals for Fermi GBM data
  2. GRB 230812B: further radio observations with the VLA
  3. GRB 230812B: r'-band observations from MISTRAL at Observatoire de Haute-Provence
  4. GRB 230812B : optical observations from MISTRAL at Observatoire de Haute-Provence
  5. Detection of self-absorbed radio emission from GRB 230812B with the JVLA + uGMRT
  6. GRB 230812B: Radio observations with the uGMRT
  7. GRB 230812B: Bad Time Intervals for Fermi GBM data
  8. GRB 230812B: Chandra late-time detection of the X-ray afterglow
  9. GRB 230812B: Spectroscopic detection of the associated SN 2023pel.
  10. GRB 230812B: radio detection with the VLA
  11. GRB 230812B: AstroSat LAXPC detection
  12. GRB 230812B: Assy optical observations, possible SN rise
  13. GRB 230812B: SAO RAS RC-500 and Zeiss-1000 observations
  14. GRB 230812B : GRANDMA/Kilonova-Catcher optical afterglow detection and upper limits
  15. GRB 230812B: GIT Confirmation of SN rise
  16. GRB 230812B: SAO RAS Zeiss-1000 observations
  17. GRB 230812B: SAO RAS observations, possible re-brightening
  18. GRB 230812B: SAO RAS optical observations
  19. GRB 230812B: NOEMA detection
  20. GRB 230812B: optical photometry from Konkoly
  21. GRB 230812B: SAO RAS optical observations
  22. GRB 230812B: GAD Observatory optical observations (upper limit)
  23. GRB 230812B: iTelescope optical upper limit
  24. GRB 230812B: continued SAO RAS optical observation
  25. GRB 230812B: Iota Scorpii Observatory, La Spezia, Italy
  26. GRB 230812B: Tautenburg observations
  27. GRB 230812B: AMI-LA radio detection of afterglow candidate
  28. GRB 230812B: continued AbAO optical afterglow observations
  29. GRB 230812B: Optical observaions from Rozhen Observatory
  30. GRB 230812B: Further Bassano Bresciano Observatory optical observations
  31. GRB 230812B: further SAO RAS optical observations
  32. GRB 230812B: Upper limits from a neutrino search with IceCube
  33. GRB 230812B: GRANDMA further observations of ZTF23aaxeacr candidate afterglow
  34. GRB 230812B: CrAO ZTSh optical observations
  35. GRB 230812B: Koshka Zeiss-1000 optical observations
  36. GRB 230812B: GIT optical follow-up
  37. GRB 230812B: Leavitt Observatory optical observations
  38. GRB 230812B : optical observations from Observatoire de Haute-Provence
  39. GRB 230812B: Bassano Bresciano Observatory optical observations
  40. GRB 230812B: Faulkes Telescope North optical afterglow follow-up
  41. GRB 230812B: Osservatorio Astronomico "Nastro Verde" optical observation
  42. GRB 230812B: rest-frame energetics from Konus-Wind observation
  43. GRB 230812B: OASDG optical observations
  44. GRB 230812B: AbAO optical observations
  45. GRB 230812B: Spectroscopy from NOT
  46. GRB 230812B: Redshift from OSIRIS+/GTC
  47. GRB 230812B: Montarrenti Observatory optical observations
  48. GRB 230812B: SAO RAS optical observations
  49. GRB 230812B: Detected Optical Afterglow Candidate
  50. GRB 230812B: GMG - GRANDMA observations
  51. Konus-Wind detection of GRB 230812B
  52. GRB230812B: AGILE/MCAL detection
  53. GRB 230812B: GECAM-C observation of a very bright burst
  54. GRB 230812B: Swift-XRT afterglow detection
  55. GOTO confirmation and possible host galaxy of GRB230812B optical afterglow
  56. GRB 230812B: Zwicky Transient Facility Identifies Optical Afterglow Candidate of a Fermi GRB (Trigger 713559497)
  57. Fermi GRB 230812B: MASTER optical counterpart
  58. GRB 230812B: KAIT Optical Afterglow Candidate
  59. GRB 230812B: Improved Swift/XRT localization
  60. GRB 230812B: Preliminary Swift/XRT localization
  61. GRB 230812B: Fermi-LAT detection
  62. GRB 230812B: Fermi GBM Observation of a very bright burst
  63. Fermi GRB 230812B: Global MASTER-Net observations report
  64. GRB 230812B: Tiled Swift observations
  65. GRB 230812B: Fermi GBM detection of an extremely bright GRB
  66. GRB 230812B: Fermi GBM Final Real-time Localization


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