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GCN Circulars

GCN Circulars are rapid astronomical bulletins submitted by and distributed to community members worldwide. They are used to share discoveries, observations, quantitative near-term predictions, requests for follow-up observations, or future observing plans related to high-energy, multi-messenger, and variable or transient astrophysical events. See the documentation for help with subscribing to or submitting Circulars.

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38 results found.

  1. GRB231115A: TURBO Pre-Burst Optical Upper Limits
  2. GRB 231115A: XMM-Newton observation
  3. GRB 231115A: Upper limit from CALET Gamma-Ray Burst Monitor
  4. GRB 231115A: Wendelstein Optical/Infrared Observations
  5. GRB 231115A: JinShan optical upper limits
  6. GRB 231115A : OHP/T120 optical upper limit
  7. GRB 231115A: optical observations from INAF observatories
  8. GRB 231115A: Non-detection of radio emission with CHIME/FRB
  9. MAGIC observation of GRB 231115A, a possible magnetar giant flare
  10. GRB231115A: Liverpool Telescope imaging
  11. GRB 231115A: NuSTAR Follow-Up Observations
  12. GRB 231115A: Swift/BAT-GUANO detection of a short burst
  13. GRB 231115A: Swift-XRT and Swift-UVOT observations
  14. Konus-Wind detection of GRB 231115A (a probable Magnetar Giant Flare from M82)
  15. GRB 231115A: AGILE/MCAL upper limits
  16. GRB 231115A: Insight-HXMT/HE detection
  17. GRB 231115A: GBM/Fermi Observations of a probable Giant Flare of Magnetar
  18. GRB 231115A : MITSuME Akeno and Okayama optical upper limits
  19. GRB 231115A: Gaoyazi/GOT follow-up and archival observations
  20. GRB 231115A / AT2023xvj: Updated GIT analysis
  21. GRB 231115A: archival Chandra X-ray observations
  22. GRB 231115A: Upper limits from a neutrino search with IceCube
  23. GRB 231115A: Kinder observations with Lulin observatory
  24. GRB231115A: GRANDMA Observations
  25. GRB 231115A: GOTO pre-burst limits of AT2023xvj
  26. GRB 231115A: Non-detection in low-latency of gravitational waves with LIGO/Virgo/KAGRA
  27. GRB 231115A: pre-burst ZTF upper limits for GRB optical counterpart candidate
  28. GRB 231115A: MASTER optical observations
  29. GRB 231115A (short): Glowbug gamma-ray detection
  30. GRB 231115A: Fermi Observations of a probable Magnetar Giant Flare from M82
  31. GRB 231115A: archival HST observations
  32. GRB 231115A: GROWTH-India discovery of a potential optical counterpart
  33. GRB 231115A: Swift ToO observations
  34. Fermi GRB 231115A: Global MASTER-Net observations report
  35. GRB 231115A: significance of INTEGRAL localization alignment with M82
  36. GRB 231115A: a short hard GRB detected by IBAS, poistionally coincident with M82
  37. GRB 231115A position consistent with M 82 galaxy
  38. GRB 231115A: Fermi GBM Final Real-time Localization


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