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Alert Reporter instrument

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* = required

missionstringName of Mission or Telescope reporting the event
instrumentstringName of the Instrument reporting the event
record_numbernumberIncremental number for messages from the instrument during a given trigger (ex: 1, 2, 3)
messengerenumMessenger of report; EM, GW or Neutrino
Options: EM, GW, Neutrino
spectrumstringhigh-energy or optical or radio observations, if not parsed, then default band is energy
Options: energy, wavelength, frequency
unitsstringUnits of band range, if not parsed, then default energy is keV
Options: keV, nm, Hz
filterarrayOptional filter name, as used in optical observations


  "$schema": "",
  "mission": "Hubble Space Telescope",
  "instrument": "Advanced Camera for Surveys",
  "record_number": 1,
  "messenger": "EM"
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