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GCN Circular 12126

GRB 110709B: possible quiescent source in DSS
2011-07-09T23:41:46Z (13 years ago)
Andrew Levan at U.of Leicester <>
A.J. Levan (University of Warwick) reports:

"Inspection of DSS-II images of the region around GRB 110709B (Cummings
et al. GCN 12122) shows a faint optical source at a location of

RA(J2000) 10:58:37.34
DEC(J2000) -23:27:21.6

offset 3.9" from the centre of the XRT error circle (which currently
has a 5.3", 90% confidence error).

The source is apparently also detected in USNO-A2.0, with reported
magnitudes of B=21.2, R=17.9 (although at this faint level the 
associated errors are large). This source may be a quiescent counterpart
of GRB 110709B, although could also be an unrelated background (or
foreground) source. The probability of chance alignment with a 
source with R~18 in this error region is ~1-2% (e.g. Bloom, Kulkarni,
Djorgovski 2002, AJ 123, 1111)"
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