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GCN Circular 12368

GRB 110918A: Gemini-N redshift
2011-09-20T15:30:29Z (13 years ago)
Nial Tanvir at U.Leicester <>
A.J. Levan (U. Warwick), N.R. Tanvir, K. Wiersema (U. Leicester),
E. Berger (Harvard), D. Fox (Penn State) report on behalf of a larger

We observed the candidate optical afterglow of GRB 110918A reported by
Tanvir et al. (GCN12365) with the GMOS-N spectrograph on Gemini-N,
Mauna Kea. ��Observations began at 20-Sep-2011 12:51 UT. ��The trace is
well detected and consistent with being a power-law continuum,
confirming that this source is very likely the afterglow of the burst
detected by the IPN (Hurley et al. GCN12357, see also Cenko et
al. GCN12367). ��We identify absorption features of MgII (2796A/2804A),
MgI (2853A) and CaII (3935A/3970A) at a common redshift of z=0.982 (based
on a provisional wavelength calibration).

We thank the Gemini staff, particularly Jen Holt, for obtaining
these observations.
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