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GCN Circular 12567

GRB 111117A: Gemini host observation
2011-11-18T05:36:11Z (13 years ago)
Antonino Cucchiara at LBNL <>
A. Cucchiara (UCSC/UCO Lick) and S. B. Cenko (UC Berkeley) report
on behalf of a large collaboration:

On November 18.07 UT we observed the field of the short-hard 
GRB 111117A (Mangano et al., GCN 12559) with the Gemini-South 
telescope equipped with the GMOS instrument.

In our 30 minutes co-added image in r' band we clearly detect the 
source identified by Andersen et al. and Fong et al.(GCN 12563, 
12566): this object appear to be elongated in the SW-NE direction, 
suggesting it is indeed the host of GRB 111117A.

Using several SDSS (DR8) objects in the field we obtain a value of 
r' = 23.99 +/- 0.11 for this galaxy brightness, consistent 
with the one reported by the Magellan Telescope. 

We thank the Gemini-South staff for performing these observations,
in particular Pascale Hibon.
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