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GCN Circular 1299

GRB020322: Candidate Optical Afterglow
2002-03-23T16:02:37Z (22 years ago)
Don Lamb at U.Chicago <>
R. J. McMillan, D. Q. Lamb, and D. G. York, Report:

We have obtained one 10-minute exposure in r' and three 10-minute
exposures in i' of the Beppo-SAX NFI error-box (Gandolfi, GCN 1291) for
GRB020322 (Piro, GCN 1290) using SPIcam on the ARC 3.5-meter telescope at
APO beginning at UTC 9:44 on 2002 March 23.  We estimate the magnitude of
object b (Bloom et al., GCN 1296) in our images to be r*=24.5+/-0.7 and
i*=24.0+/-0.7. We find that object b is now as faint as or fainter than
object c (Bloom et al., GCN 1296, Greiner et al., GCN 1298) in both r* and
i*.  We therefore confirm that the object has faded (Greiner et al., GCN
1298) and is likely to be the optical afterglow of GRB020322.

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