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GCN Circular 1313

GRB 020322: BeppoSAX observations of the X-ray afterglow
2002-03-28T12:11:05Z (22 years ago)
Angelo Antonelli at Obs. Astro. di Roma <>
L.A. Antonelli, INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma, Rome; 
L. Piro, G. Gandolfi, M. Feroci, Istituto di Astrofisica Spaziale e 
Fisica Cosmica (IASF), CNR, Rome; G. Gennaro, C. Aureli, BeppoSAX 
Science Operation Center, Telespazio, Rome; M. Capalbi, ASI Science 
Data Center, Rome; J. Heise, J. in't Zand , Space Research Organization 
Netherlands, Utrecht and, F. Frontera, C. Guidorzi, E. Montanari, Dip. 
di Fisica Universita' di Ferrara, Ferrara, report: 

"The WFC error box (GCN #1290) of GRB 020322 was observed twice with
the Narrow Field Instruments (NFI) on board BeppoSAX. First
observation started on Mar 22.42866 UT (about 6.5 hours after the
burst trigger) and lasted 18600 sec elapsed time.  Second observation
started on Mar 23.27757 UT and lasted 23000 sec elapsed time. A
preliminary analysis of both observations reveals a previously unknown
X-ray source, 1SAX J180059+8106.7, at the position RA = 18h 00m 59.1s,
Decl.= +81d 06' 44" (Equinox 2000, error radius of 50"). Source
position is located within the WFC error circle (Gandolfi GCN #1290)
and is consistent with the preliminary NFI analysis reported by
Gandolfi (GCN #1291) and with the XMM position (Ehle et al., GCN
#1293). The source is well detected in both BeppoSAX observations and
in the second observation its flux is faded of about a factor of 3. 
We conclude that 1SAX J180059+8106.7 is the X-ray afterglow of 
GRB 020322."

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