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GCN Circular 13462

IPN Triangulation of GRB 120709A
2012-07-13T17:02:49Z (12 years ago)
Kevin Hurley at UCBerkeley/SSL <>
K. Hurley and J. Goldsten, on behalf of the MESSENGER GRNS GRB team,

S. Golenetskii, R. Aptekar, E. Mazets, V. Pal'shin, D. Frederiks,
D. Svinkin, and T. Cline on behalf of the Konus-Wind team,

V. Connaughton, M. Briggs, and C. Meegan, on behalf of the Fermi
GBM team, and

A. von Kienlin, X. Zhang, A. Rau, V. Savchenko, E. Bozzo, and C.
Ferrigno, on behalf of the INTEGRAL SPI-ACS GRB team, report:

GRB 120709A has been observed by Fermi GBM and LAT (GCN 13423, 13427,
13429), INTEGRAL (SPI-ACS), Konus-Wind (GCN 13440), and MESSENGER
(GRNS), so far, at about 76300 s UT (21:11:40).  A Swift XRT
observation of part of the LAT error circle in GCN 13423 revealed an
uncataloged X-ray source at RA, Dec = 318.17277, -49.97297 (GCN
13428).  We have triangulated this burst  to a preliminary, 3 sigma
error box whose coordinates are:

    RA(2000)                         DEC(2000)
 21 h 15 m 22.14 s=318.842 o   -50 o 17 '  56.07 " =-50.290 o (CENTER)
 21 h 20 m 51.20 s=320.213 o   -50 o 16 '  14.33 " =-50.271 o (CORNER)
 21 h 09 m 08.08 s=317.284 o   -50 o 32 '  41.99 " =-50.545 o (CORNER)
 21 h 21 m 34.21 s=320.393 o   -50 o 00 '  17.46 " =-50.005 o (CORNER)
 21 h 09 m 55.60 s=317.482 o   -50 o 17 '  28.57 " =-50.291 o (CORNER)

The error box area is 0.46 sq. deg., and its maximum and minimum
dimensions are ~ 1.9 and 0.12 degrees, respectively.  This box may be
improved.  As the XRT source lies outside the IPN error box, at least
0.26 degrees from its closest side, it is veryy unlikely to be
associated with the GRB.  A map has been posted at  On this map, "LAT1" is from GCN 13423,
and "LAT2" is from GCN 13427.
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