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GCN Circular 137

GRB980703: Spectrum of the proposed optical counterpart
1998-07-08T01:14:18Z (26 years ago)
George Djorgovski at Caltech/Palomar <>
GRB 980703:  Spectrum of the proposed optical counterpart

S. G. Djorgovski, S. R. Kulkarni (Caltech), R. Goodrich (WMKO), 
D. A. Frail (NRAO), and J. S. Bloom (Caltech), report on behalf 
of the Caltech GRB collaboration:

Spectra of the proposed optical/radio counterpart of GRB 980703 (see GCN
Circ. 128) were obtained by R. Goodrich at the Keck-II telescope on July 
7.6 UT.  The object has a very blue continuum, one strong emission line
at approximately 7330 A, and several absorption features in the blue
part of the spectrum.  If the emission line is identified as [O II] 3727,
then the redshift is 0.967.  The line cannot be Ly alpha, since there is
no sign of intergalactic absorption blueward of it.  No broad emission
lines are seen at this stage of reductions; the spectrum is thus unlike
that of a quasar or a BL Lac, and it is consistent with a young, compact,
unobscured starburst.  (We note however that the object is unresolved
in our images obtained in half-arcsec seeing.)

Further analysis of these and other observations is in progress.
This note can be cited.

[GCN Operator's Note:  The originally submitted copy of this circular 
contained an error in the Subject.  This archive copy has been corrected.]
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