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GCN Circular 14507

GRB 130427A: SARA-N detection
2013-04-29T21:18:59Z (11 years ago)
Dieter Hartmann at Clemson.U <>
William C. Keel (U. of Alabama, Tuscaloosa), Dieter Hartmann and Aman Kaur
(Clemson University) report:

We observed the field of GRB 130427A (Maselli, et al., GCN 14448) with the
SARA 0.9m telescope at KPNO  ( from 0350-0420 UT
on April 29, obtaining a total of 30 min exposure in the B,V, and R band.

We detect the optical afterglow (Elenin et al; GCN14450) in all bands.
In comparison with Landolt (PG 0942) standard stars we find

B = 19.32
V = 19.00
R = 18.53

These magnitudes are not corrected for Galactic extinction, but include
KPNO airmass corrections at the time of observation.

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