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GCN Circular 14782

GRB 130606A: optical afterglow with BOOTES-2/TELMA and 1.23m CAHA
2013-06-06T22:10:41Z (11 years ago)
Alberto Castro-Tirado at Astro. de Andalucia <>
M. Jelinek (IAA-CSIC), J. Gorosabel (UPV-EY, IAA-CSIC), A. J.
Castro-Tirado (IAA-CSIC),  S. Mottola (DLR), S. Hellmich (DLR), R.
Fern�ndez-Mu�oz (EELM-CSIC) and V. F. Mu�oz-Mart�nez (UMA), on behalf of a
larger collaboration, report:

"Following the detection of GRB 130606 by Swift (Ukwatta et al. GCNC
14781), follow-up observation were taken with the 0.6m TELMA telescope at
the BOOTES-2 station (M�laga) and with the 1.23m CAHA telescope at the
German-Spanish Calar Alto Observatory, starting 21m postburst. At the edge
of the Swift/XRT error box we identify an optical source not present in
the DSS-2 with a magnitude of R about 18.5 which we identify as the
optical afterglow."

[GCN OPS NOTE(06jun13): Per author's request, the GRB name in the Title was corrected.]
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