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GCN Circular 14784

GRB 130606A: IRSF NIR Observation
2013-06-06T22:51:42Z (11 years ago)
Daisuke Kuroda at OAO/NAOJ <>
Takahiro Nagayama (Nagoya Univ) on behalf of OISTER collaboration.

We observed the field of GRB 130606A (Ukwatta et al, GCN Circular
14781) with the Infrared Survey Facility 1.4m telescope and
NIR camera SIRIUS at Sutherland Observatory in South Africa.

The observation was started with the JHKs bands simultaneously
from 2013-06-06 21:38 (UT).

We have detected a bright source not detected in 2MASS ALL SKY survey
at RA=16:37:35.14 DEC=+29:47:46.4 (J2000) from the first 300sec
exposure image.

Preliminary photometry results are as follows

These magnitudes are in the Vega system and not corrected for
Galactic extinction in the direction of the GRB.
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