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GCN Circular 14791

GRB130606A: Montarrenti Observatory afterglow detection
2013-06-07T00:14:01Z (11 years ago)
Simone Leonini at Monarrenti Obs <>
Simone Leonini, G. Guerrini, P. Rosi and L.M. Tinjaca Ramirez (Montarrenti 
Observatory, Siena, Italy) report:

We observed the field of GRB 130606A (Swift trigger 557589, Ukwatta et al., 
GCN 14781) with the automatic 0.53m RC telescope + U47 detector 
at Montarrenti Observatory (Siena, Italy, IAU code C88).

The observations was started at 2013-06-06 22:57:50 UT (~117 minutes after the 
trigger) and we co-added 4 unfiltered CCD exposures of 60s each.

We detect a new source of mag. R=18.9 +/-0.16 (USNO-B1 catalogue, not 
corrected for galactic dust extinction) at the following position:

RA    (J2000.0)  16h 37m 35.13s +/-0.19
Decl. (J2000.0) +29�� 47' 46.9"  +/-0.18

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