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GCN Circular 15691

GRB 140104B: Swift XRT observations
2014-01-06T03:39:41Z (10 years ago)
Dirk Grupe at PSU/Swift-XRT <>
Dirk Grupe (Swift MOC, PSU)  reports on behalf of the 
Swift team:

We report on the Swift observations of the field of the Fermi GBM
and LAT detected GRB 140104B (Xiong, GCN Circ. 15687, G. Vianello
GCN Circ. 15684, respectively).  Swift started observing the 
field of GRB 140104B at 2014-January-05 08:55, 15.5 hours after 
the GBM trigger for a total of 4073s. The XRT field
covered the inner part of the GBM error circle reported by Xiong.
We found four faint X-ray sources in the XRT. The first source is
a star already present in the DSS, the other three sources are
know sources: the star TYC 5564-19-1, the AGN HE 1432-0838, and
the starburst galaxy IRAS F14325-0837. No other X-ray source was 
found.  The 3-sigma upper limit at the center of the field is 
1.4e-3  counts s^-1.

This report is an official product of the Swift team.
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