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GCN Circular 15954

GRB 140311A: Optical follow-up observation with Kottamia 188cm telescope
2014-03-12T00:41:43Z (10 years ago)
Michitoshi Yoshida at HASC,Hiroshima U <>
M. Yoshida, R. Itoh, Y. Moritani (HASC, Hiroshima Univ.),
G. B. Ali, A. Essam, A. Takey, and G. Hamed (NRIAG, Egypt)

We made an optical follow-up observation of GRB 140311A (Racusin
et al. GCN 15944) with the Newtonian CCD camera attached to the
188cm telescope at Kottamia astronomical observatory of NRIAG in
Egypt. We started the observation at 22:08:26 UT on Marth 11 2014;
1.053 hours after the trigger. We combined six 300 sec exposure
R-band frames and detected a faint point source at the position
of the optical transient reported by Xu et al. (GCN 15947).

Rough photometric result of the source is shown below. We used the
nearby star NOMAD1 0906-022793 (Klotz et al. GCN 15952) for flux

 MID-UT    T-EXP[sec]  R[mag]  err[mag]
 23:19:29  1800.0      21.9    +- 0.3
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