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GCN Circular 1842

GRB 020819: afterglow candidate
2003-02-01T00:07:15Z (21 years ago)
Dale A. Frail at NRAO <>
D. A. Frail (NRAO), and E. Berger (Caltech) report on behalf of a
larger collaboration:

"We have continued to monitor the HETE burst GRB020819 with the VLA at
8.46 GHz. Two radio sources were identified within the initial
130-arcsec error circle of the SXC (GCN1508). The first source has
remained constant (within the radiometric errors) at about 380 uJy.
The second source has declined from a peak of 315 uJy on 2002 August
21.37 UT and is currently undetectable (i.e. <35 uJy).

The variable source, located at r.a.=23:27:19.475, dec.=06:15:55.95
(epoch J2000) with conservative errors of +/-0.5 arcsec, is 98-arcsec
away from the center of the revised SXC 64-arcsec error circle
(GCN1526). From previous radio afterglow searches we note that the
probability of detecting such extreme variability from non-GRBs is
rare (<2% probability over the area surveyed). We request observers to
re-examine this position for an optical afterglow.

The entire radio dataset can be found at:

An 8.46 GHz light curve is at

This message may be quoted."
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