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GCN Circular 1856

GRB 030115: Optical Observations
2003-02-05T04:44:34Z (21 years ago)
Melissa Nysewander at UNC,Chapel Hill <>
M. Nysewander, M. Bayliss, H. Cheng, L. Johnson, J. Keohane, A. Reese, and
D. Reichart (U. North Carolina) report on behalf of a larger collaboration:

We observed the entire ~73 square arcminute error box of GRB 030115 (GCN
1854) with the 0.6-meter Morehead Observatory telescope beginning 11.5
hours after the burst.  We integrated in Rc for 1500 seconds per pointing x
three pointings.

Visual comparison with the DSS2-Red reveals no obvious new source to the
limiting magnitude of the DSS.
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