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GCN Circular 188

GRB981226, sub-millimeter observations
1999-01-02T22:29:23Z (25 years ago)
Ian Smith at Rice U <>
I. A. Smith (Rice University), R. P. J. Tilanus and F. Baas (Joint
Astronomy Centre) report on behalf of the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope
(JCMT) GRB collaboration:
We used the SCUBA sub-millimeter continuum bolometer array on the JCMT to 
observe the source suggested by Castro-Tirado as being the counterpart to 
GRB 981226 (GCN #173: 23:29:35.0 -23:55:42 J2000).  The observation, performed
in mediocre weather, started UT 1998 Dec 30.15 and lasted 44 minutes.  No
source was detected at this location: the 850 micron flux density was
0.6 +/- 3.8 mJy.

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